Celebrities often have very long fingernails.

Quite a few singers and celebrity actors have what’s called ‘long dangerous fingernails’. There are many story about how they hurt themselves… and others!

There are many automutilation stories about celebrity women hurting themselves. But in quite some of them the hurt was the result of having long fingernails!

For example, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have scratched their skin while rehearsing a song – and in Jennifer’s case on the set of a movie. By the way, their fingernails were not as long as the length of the ones in the pictures above on the right. But these pictures do illustrate that having extremely long fingernails – is sort of a ‘madness’. Ladies please don’t grow your nails out this long unless you are getting paid from publicity!!

A recent example of fingernails becoming ‘dangerious weapons’ is – ‘surprise, surprise…’ Naomi Campbell (see the photo below). The famous ‘catwalk queen’ was rumoured of getting her temper get the best of her again:

“While on vacation in Lipari, Sicily on the yacht of Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, the supermodel is rumored to have scratched paparazzo Gaetano Di Giovanni’s face and then clocked him with her purse.”

“Di Giovanni claims that her nails did some serious damage to his left eye, according to the Italian newspaper La Republica.”

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Naomi Campbell’s fingernails:
Naomi Campbell's fingernails.