British researchers linked fingernail quality with the weather!

Fingernail manicure is ok, but the weather will shape your nails!

This week British fingernail research pointed out that the weather plays a major factor in the shape and quality of your nails. The researchers found that a humidity of 55% is perfect for growing strong, lengthy fingernails.

Good news for British women! For, the climate in the UK often meets the perfect weather condition for growing beautiful fingernails.

A lower humidity will make brittle fingernails, while a higher humidity will make your fingernails more bendy!

Researcher Dr Stephen Eichhorn said:

“We have found that fingernails cope remarkably well over a range of humidities – but it is best not to get them completely dry or wet. At an average of 55pc humidity, which is what you would experience normally, it appears nails have their optimum mechanical properties, and resist bending.”

“The mechanical properties of fingernails are important because of their impact in preventing damage and in maintaining their appearance. ‘In particular, knowing the effect of local environmental conditions can tell us how they might best be protected.”

By the way, it is not the first time the weather has been lauded for its beauty benefits. Actress Emma Thompson claims the wet weather in Scotland helps keep her wrinkle free. She said: ‘I think Scotland’s got a lot to do with it, I spend a lot of time up there and it rains a lot, which is good for the complexion.’


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British actress Emma Thompson shows her fingernails:

British actress Emma Thompson shows her hands & fingernails.