Melvin Booth has the official Guinness World Record 'longest fingernails; Lee Redmond used to have the longest female fingernails.
The photo above was taken just a few months prior to Redmond’s accident which resulted in the loss of her fingernails, for the 2010 Edition of Guinness World Records.

Lee Redmond’s nails are more famous, Melvin Booth has the world record!

The official Guinness World Record ‘longest fingernails’:
2008 – Melvin Boothe, whose nails measure 9.05m (29 ft 8in)

Female record ‘longest female fingernails’:
2008 – Lee Redmond, whose nails measure 8.65m (28 ft 4in)

In an interview with Guinness World Records Lee Redmond talked about her meeting with Melvin Booth:

“I have very, very fond memories from Melvin, he touched my life. He also broke my heart, to see this man who wouldn’t even go out of his home. Tears when I left, both he and I. I hope that some day he will realise that he’s more than his fingernails. . . I think the difference between Melvin and me, for one thing they didn’t keep me from going out in public, and they didn’t make me be secluded. I would have never, never chose to keep them if they would have had to keep me away from people or you know, living whatever normal is you know.”

“I hope he will decide to go out and interact with people and I’m sure that he felt the love that I had for him and respect. It wasn’t his fingernails; it was him that I cared for.”


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Fingernail clubbing may signal lung cancer + other lung, heart & stomach diseases.

Fingernail clubbing relates to lung cancer!

More than 2 centuries before today the Greek philosopher Hippocrates had recognized that a ‘clubbing fingernail’ is often a sign for the presence of a serious disease. Now the ‘clubbing fingernail’ (a.k.a. the ‘Hippocratic fingernail’) is associated with lung cancer and various specific other diseases, including: lung, heart and gastrointestinal problems.

Some statistics on fingernail clubbing & lung cancer:

“Nail clubbing has been reported in 29% of patients with lung cancer and is observed more commonly in patients with non–small cell lung carcinoma (35%) than in patients with small cell lung carcinoma (4%).”

How to recognize a ‘clubbing fingernail‘?

‘Clubbing fingernails’ are characterized by increased distal finger tip mass + increased longitudinal & horizontal curvature of the nail plate. This fingernail condition is characterized by a large angle between the nail plate and the proximal nail fold: larger than 180o, whereas in normal nails the angle is less than 160o: see the picture below.

How to recognize a 'clubbing fingernail'?


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