Fingernails of Gordon Brown - the fingernail biting British political leader!

Since as early as 1997 British media have reported about Gordon Brown’s fingernails – the British prime minister is often described as a nervy fellow, known for chewing his fingernails! And untill earlier this summer his fingernails didn’t show much improvement – despite many fingernail photo shoots over the years. However, now that growing voices predict the fall of Gordon Brown from the political theatre … his fingernails are now (finally) looking shiny & bright!!

The DailyMail reported 2 weeks ago:

“You might think there is a lot for Gordon Brown to be anxious about at the moment.

An ongoing recession is crippling the country, he’s miles behind in the polls and there’s the ongoing suspicion of a Labour plot to replace him as leader.

But as he took to the stand today at the TUC conference in Liverpool, the chronic nail-biter of the past appears to have put an end to the ghastly habit.”

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Gordon Brown’s fingernail shoot – september 2009:
Gordon Brown's improved fingernails.

Gordon Brown’s fingernail shoot – march 2007:
Gordon Brown's gnawed fingernails.