Barack Obama and Michelle on the fingernails of a woman.

Last month Marc Ecko wrote a column titled ‘fetish friday’ which described quite a few celebrity women showing their long, crazy fingernails. Quite a few have faces on their fingernails!

Marc Ecko wrote e.g.:

“Today, we’re appreciating sexy women with sexy nails. Not just any manicured hand will do—we’re talking about nails with either scandalous length, crazy colors, or impressive nail art. Remember Coko from SWV? How about the O.G. Puerto Rican hottie, Ivy Queen? OK fine, those are a little extreme, but here’s our round-up of the 10 female celebrities with the sexiest nails.”

And recently popstar Rhianna was spotted with Barack Obama on her pinky fingernail.

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During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, Eve showed support for Obama by putting his face as nail art on her hands:
Fingernails with faces.