Healthy fingernails.

Your fingernails  are like the ‘rings of a tree’: they provide a window to changes in your body during the past six months. And fingernail changes likewise provide clues about changes in your health: because it takes about 6 months to grow out a full nail out of a finger (a fingernail grows about 0.1 mm per day).

How to recognize healthy fingernails? A healthy fingernail is characterized by: a smooth, rounded nail plate with a rectangular shape (at the corners slightly rounded). It’s color is pink, and at least the thumb requires to have a white crescent shaped lunula – in most people the lunula is not seen on the pinky fingers (some people have lunulae in all fingers where they take at most 1/3 of the pink area in the nail plate).


Nail changes often reflect changes in the body. Medical science has identified & described literally hundreds different types of nail changes, and quite some of them have a highly significant correlation with the development of all kinds of diseases. But usually nail changes only rarely have a significance for a specified disease.

But nail changes can also indicate high stress, physical traumas, hormone changes, and even an unhealthy food pattern. But often it takes some time to monitor the nature of the changes seen in the nails!

And there Multi-Perspective Palm Reading can become involved, and even play a decisive role in the diagnosis process of the nail changes. Because Multi-Perspective Palm Reading describes the significance of nail changes in specified diseases, plus an overview of the other typical hand characteristics in those diseases. And therefore it can become very helpfull to find the true cause of nail changes when there are multiple options left according ‘the science of the fingernails’.

Dr. Oz – who became for his appearances in The Oprah Winfrey Show from 2004 until 2009, has presented a 6-minute Masterclass introduction to how your fingernails can provide you a window to your health, titled:

‘What your nails tell you about your health’

Fingernail clubbing may signal lung cancer + other lung, heart & stomach diseases.

Fingernail clubbing relates to lung cancer!

More than 2 centuries before today the Greek philosopher Hippocrates had recognized that a ‘clubbing fingernail’ is often a sign for the presence of a serious disease. Now the ‘clubbing fingernail’ (a.k.a. the ‘Hippocratic fingernail’) is associated with lung cancer and various specific other diseases, including: lung, heart and gastrointestinal problems.

Some statistics on fingernail clubbing & lung cancer:

“Nail clubbing has been reported in 29% of patients with lung cancer and is observed more commonly in patients with non–small cell lung carcinoma (35%) than in patients with small cell lung carcinoma (4%).”

How to recognize a ‘clubbing fingernail‘?

‘Clubbing fingernails’ are characterized by increased distal finger tip mass + increased longitudinal & horizontal curvature of the nail plate. This fingernail condition is characterized by a large angle between the nail plate and the proximal nail fold: larger than 180o, whereas in normal nails the angle is less than 160o: see the picture below.

How to recognize a 'clubbing fingernail'?


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