Chris Walton, a budding singer from Las Vegas, hasn’t cut her nails in the past 18 years – resulting in fingernails total nearly 20 feet! Guinness Records announced a few days ago that Walton will receive a notification in the 2012 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records!

Walton’s fingernails are in total 19 feet + 9 inches long. An impression from Chris Walton’s life:

“The hardest thing for me to do is dig in my pockets,” the 45-year-old rock singer from Las Vegas says. “Everything else I can do myself — driving, shopping, cleaning the house … although when I vacuum, the cord gets tangled in my fingers.”
The previous record holder for longest nails was Lee Redmond of Salt Lake City. Her nails measured a total of 28 feet in 2008, but the following year, she lost her nails in a car crash.

The full story about Chris Walton:

Chris Walton has the longest fingernails!