CND SHELLAC SYSTEM – Review of The New Fingernail Product by Creative Nail Design!

June 14, 2010

The new CND SHELLAC nail polish package is available in 12 colors.


[tweetmeme source=”handresearch” only_single=false] Shellac Hybrid Nail Color is CND’s new polish that goes on in three coats like polish, dries like a gel, and lasts for 14 days with high shine. It can only be applied by a professional manicurist using a special CND UV lamp, and became available at nail salons since May 1, 2010.

Imagine going to the nail salon and getting your nails done without having to wait for them to dry. Now imagine having your manicure last for 14 days with no chips, bubbles or smudges. And after bringing your color Shellac for two weeks, a 10 minute clock is removed for a new application, and you can change color. Sound too good to be true?

The new CND SHELLAC nail polish package.The new CND SHELLAC product require the use of an UV lamp to get nails 'cured'.CND SHELLAC nail polish removal kit.


Grace Gold from test the new CND Shellac fingernail product, and these are her conclusions:

“I actually think that CND is playing it safe by claiming this manicure can last two weeks, because I can definitely push at least a week more out of my current nails, if not even more.”

“I also think this is a great option for weddings and other events. No need to get up extra early to fit a harried trip to the salon in on the day of a special occasion– you can instead comfortably Shellac a week before and be confident that your nails will look fresh and unchipped for the big day.”

“The one drawback is that similar to its cousin, the gel, Shellac can only be applied in salons. It requires less skill than sculpting a gel nail, but still uses UV and removal technology that is not yet directly available to consumers.”

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PHOTO IMPRESSION from a CND Shellac 14 Day Manicure:
CND Shellac on Day 1.
CND Shellac on Day 1.

CND Shellac on Day 1.
CND Shellac on Day 7.

CND Shellac on Day 1.
CND Shellac on Day 14.

27 Responses to “CND SHELLAC SYSTEM – Review of The New Fingernail Product by Creative Nail Design!”

  1. Emily Quinones Says:

    I am the owner of Unique Beauty Supply and Salon, Inc. in san German, Puerto Rico. I am interested in your system for my salon. Please send information regarding cost and shipping.

    Thank you,

  2. Amy Nguyen Says:

    How to order SHELLAC products ?

  3. Kat Skinner Says:

    That was a pretty cool post.
    It would have been beneficial however to have larger images (or extreme close ups of the nails) for better proof; it was difficult to see any regrowth on day 14, let alone any other imperfections that might have occurred over time.

    Thank you for the review!

  4. Jay Lynn Tankersley Says:

    Why did my newly, salon applied “Shellac” peel off the day after it was applied? I loved the way my nails looked but the very next day the product lifted on all my nails and I had to peel it off in sheets!! Why did this happen and did anyone else have this experience?

    • Honey Says:

      My shellac manicure also peeled off of 3 nails within 3 days of its application. Four other nails chipped very badly. I have had acrylic nails for 15 years previously, which always lifted. I thought shellac would be a better option, but I am very disappointed.

  5. Belinda Bulloch Says:

    i oun a salon and currently can not find the shellac products i want at supply houses, where as a perfessional can i order this from with salon and beauty lic
    thanks belinda

  6. janet Says:

    Would love to stock your product.
    Please send more info and if in south
    Africa. Would be interested in agency

  7. Vicki Says:

    I would like more info on product to put in my salon. I can’t get it in Grand Rapids, Mi
    Thanks, Vicki

  8. tania Says:

    hello,I would like to order Shellac for french manicure/I am from Ukraine(Lviv).How I can do it? Thanks.

  9. Faith Spurlock Says:

    my daughter is having great success with her nails she works on the farm in the dirt all day and is a classy mom at night and she has to be ready at all times for a business meeting or dinner out so it is saying a lot for the product
    i am liscenced and bonded but im in florida,
    and would like to try a starter kit how soon and how much? i would prefer a phone call 850 206 4776 but e-mail is ok im going to try another product that is similar but prefer yours so soon would be good thank u so much

  10. Amelia Says:

    Try Ebay!

  11. kendra Says:

    I disagree that this service can only be done by a professional in a salon. I bought the entire kit and do it at home. It’s great, my friends and relatives all know where to come for a great manicure!

    • Kathy Says:

      where did you buy it from, I agree, I have being doing my own nails for years and having to pay through the nose for the removal and renewing of this fantastic shellac treatment, when I know I could do exactly the same at home.

  12. Caryl Misselbrook Says:

    Please let me know how I go about becoming an Agent to sell this product in South Africa.

  13. ALIDA Says:

    good day

    where in South Africa can I bye the Shellac nail colours?

  14. Myra Talty Says:

    I want to buy a shellac nail starter kit inc. lamp. what does this cost delivered to Ireland approx?

  15. mildred molina Says:

    Me interesa informacion tengo un salon de belleza 787-486-0288

  16. Natassja Bester Says:

    Hi there,

    I am a qualified beauty therapist in South Africa, and am interested in stocking and using your products in our health clinic.

    Are there any distributors in South Africa that stock your products that I can get in contact with that you can refer me to?

    Kind regards,

  17. michelle Says:

    I’m a beauty therapist in johannesburg, south africa, looking to have Shelac in my salon! Please advice!!

  18. Jo-D Stroh Says:

    CND South Africa 0117914027
    KZN 0733643160

  19. Val Says:

    KZN HEADOFFICE no is: 085536125 for Shellac

  20. Eloize Heine Says:

    I am currently doing nails with a oddyssey product and one of my clients came to tell me about shellac products. I would like to get more info on the product.

    Could a sales person please contact me to make an appointment.

    Rhank you.

  21. Eloize Heine Says:

    I am currently doing nails with a oddyssey product and one of my clients came to tell me about shellac products. I would like to get more info on the product.

    Could a sales person please contact me to make an appointment.

    Thank you.

  22. Lindi Says:


    We’re a established beauty salon in South Africa and we are interested in supplying or becoming an agent for your product.

  23. Mary Ann Says:

    I have had the shellac 3 times now and it lasts at least 2 weeks with no chipping or peeling. I’m in Grand Rapids, MI. I think I could get away with 3 weeks, actually.

  24. Nicci Says:

    Who supplies shellac in south Africa? I would like to use this product in my salon.

  25. Tertia Says:

    Hi, where in South Africa can I find Shellac nail products ?

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