Faces on fingernails – a new fingernail trend?

August 18, 2009

Woman has George Bush & Lech Walesa on her fingernails.Popstar Rhianna had Barack Obama on her pinky fingernail.

Recent developments in fashion indicate: fingernail trends come and go. While in the 70’s long fingernails became very popular – as a sign that the person belongs to the ‘leisure class’ – with the rising popularity of artificial nails that trend disappeared quickly. Will ‘faces on fingernails’ become a new trend?

Recently popstar Rhianna was spotted with Barack Obama on her pinky fingernail (left photo). And other likewise examples are seen on the hands of quite a few women. But wearing a ‘face on fingernail’ is actually just another example of nail art – which was already classified under the header: ‘bad fingernail trends’.

Julyne Derrick described 5 categories of ‘bad fingernail trends’:

• Fingernails ‘Faux Pas’ 1: Fake Fingernails;
• Fingernails ‘Faux Pas’ 2: Nail Art;
• Fingernails ‘Faux Pas’ 3: French Manicures;
• Fingernails ‘Faux Pas’ 4: Fingernails of Various Lengths;
• Fingernails ‘Faux Pas’ 5: Unkept Nails.

Fingernails with faces.

2 Responses to “Faces on fingernails – a new fingernail trend?”

  1. James Says:

    if you spent $30 MILLION a day every single day for 2000 years it would still not equal to obama’s $23.7 TRILLLION in financial bailouts

    … the main reasons why people get poorer are because of higher taxes and inflation.

  2. […] recently popstar Rhianna was spotted with Barack Obama on her pinky […]

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